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Letter to Speaker Gingrich

January 7, 2012

Dear Speaker Gingrich,

In Saturday's debate, in conversations about gay marriage, you argued that there is a terrible bigotry against Christians in this country and equated that with bigotry against gay Americans. Yet no one is denying Christians should get their full rights as Americans simply because they are Christian, while you and your fellow candidates want to deny gay Americans full rights simply because they are gay. That's pretty un-Christian, don't you think?

Donnie Fowler

PS: Where is the oppressive discrimination of a group -- Christians -- that comprise a 83% supermajority of the US population?

Donnie Fowler has achieved a leading role in both political and high technology circles through his work in the Clinton White House, at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, as vice president at TechNet in Silicon Valley, and with political campaigns in every corner of the United States. He has advised dozens of companies, policymakers, public advocacy groups, and political campaigns on how to successfully manage their media, policy, and business development agendas. Currently, he leads Dogpatch Strategies, a communications and public affairs firm serving green technology enterprises. He is a South Carolina native and has lived in San Francisco since 2001.

Originally posted on Facebook; used by permission of the author.