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The following was originally posted on his Facebook page by Clayton P. King on August 9, 2012, and is used with his permission.

Call Me a Heretic

By Clayton P. King

OK, call me a heretic. I've been reading a lot lately, on Facebook, and elsewhere about how marriage equality, and gay rights in general, feed the "war on religion." There are any number of other social issues being used to support this same theory (i.e., birth control, contraception, etc.). But here's the thing. I'm not sure there shouldn't be a war on religion. Many on both sides of this fence will find this heretical at the very least.

Recognizing first, that there are many religions in existence today, many of which have dissenting opinions about morality, grace, and righteousness, there is an inherent debate from the start. Since I am Christian, I can only focus on MY faith. And somewhere along the line (another debate) Christianity was hijacked by religion. The very name is based on Christ, yet the term religion (the so-called organized variety) has taken on an entirely different meaning for most reasonable people. We can all argue whether

God or Jesus did or did not mean "x" when he said "y" and that we (people on both sides) are taking scripture from the Bible out of context. We can continue to debate whether marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman, or two people committed in a relationship. Or whether contraception goes against God's plan for humanity (in spite of an amazingly populated planet). We can argue until we're all dead and gone.

At the end of the day, I have faith in God - not the church, not religion - that His plan will come forth, and ultimately, when I'm at the pearly gates, I'll be accepted with open arms. My earnest wish is that people would consider, for just a moment, what this world would look like if people practiced Christianity with it's namesake in mind, instead of having to be right, or the other person having to be wrong.

Having "roared" my piece for the day, I'm now going to go out and quietly enjoy the day.

Clayton P. King is the managing director of Artizan on Bull, an art and jewelry gallery in downtown Columbia, SC.