We are constantly learning and taking recommendations for books to read, movies and documentaries to watch, and podcasts to listen to. This is an incomplete list of resources. If you’re interested in hosting a book club or a documentary watching, let us know!


8: The Mormon Proposition
(Reed Cowan and Steven Greenstreet, Producers/Directors, 2010)

Anyone and Everyone
(Susan Polis Schutz, Executive Producer/Director, 2007)

The Congregation
(Alan and Susan Raymond, Producers/Directors, 2004)

For The Bible Tells Me So
(Daniel Karslake, Producer/Director/Writer, 2007)

Incompatible With Christian Teaching
(Anne P. Brown and Joe Kuehne, Directors, 2009)

Through My Eyes
(Gay Christian Network, Producer)

Trembling Before G-d 
(Sandi Simcha DuBowski, Director/Producer, 2001)

Turning Points: Stories of Life and Change In the Church
(David Sampliner, Director, 2004)